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Urgutu, Pithoria, Ranchi, is a tribal area and is based several kilometres into the jungle, access only via an extremely rough dirt track. A student Meena Minz, with severe disabilities who originated from this area came to study at the DOM school in Ramghar, as a small child. There she became friends with Reena Hembram, who also has disabilities. Their friendship grew while they studied at the school and Orphanage in Ramghar. After completing their tenth standard they returned to their villages. As they did not wish to be separated, Reena decided to stay with Meena in her Village of Urgutu.

Because there are no school within easy access for the village children, they began teaching the local children using the roof terrace of their Uncles house. What little money they made from charging small fees was used to fund their B.Ed. Studies. Upon seeing their effort DOM decided to support them.

Initially, a small two room school was built on land which was donated by locals.

As the news of the school and DOM’s reputation spread far and wide, the demand grew. Therefore, a further 8 classroom were added. Adequate toilets and washing facilties were provide as well as a water well. Both Meena Minz and Reena Hembram continue to work as teachers at this school.

Alongside, teaching they traveled a great distance on public transport to finish their degree. Upon seeing their struggle, an adapted scooter was donated by Charanjit Kainth. This will be of great help to Reena as she carried Meena on her back, also providing Meena with  some independence.

Meena and Reena serve as an excellent example of how the young people who have received support from Divine Onkar Mission through their lives, in term chose to help others. Paying it forward!!